DurYah Yahukhanan (Duron Jones)

DurYah Yahukhanan

Founder and Life Coach

  • Group:Coaches
  • Company:Yah's Kingdom Coaching
  • Experience:14 years

DurYah Yahukhanan

Founder and Life Coach

DurYah Yahukhanan, birth name Duron Jones, is the Founder and Head Life Coach of Yah’s Kingdom Coaching. DurYah has served the community since 2008. He has helped people reach their self defined comfortable life, build businesses, and follow their passions. In 2024, DurYah was lead by The Most High, Yah, to help people build generational wealth and the kingdom of Yah on earth. DurYah commits to providing service to all who are serious about their success and building a better future for the world around us.

Paleo-Hebrew: 𐤃𐤅𐤓𐤉𐤄 / DURYH / Dwelling of Yah
Sumerian Cuneiform: 𒆪𒂍𒀀 / DurIA / To sit in Temple of Father

DurYah Yahukhanan’s Road of Entrepreneurship

DurYah began on his road of entrepreneurship when he was in high school. He created a nonprofit that would provide summer learning opportunities for public school students. Over the years, DurYah has had the opportunity to consult for several businesses who operate in the fields of event management, digital marketing, career coaching, travel & tourism, light therapy, mental health, and more. Also, DurYah has spent nearly 15 years supporting business owners, secondary schools, universities, and nonprofits in creating remarkable experiences for their communities.

Outside of Yah’s Kingdom Coaching, DurYah works for an organization called Summer Search. He manages the high school program operations and supports his team in providing yearlong mentoring for high school aged youth. Also, they provide free summer experiences both domestically and internationally. Lastly, DurYah serves as the National Partner for Innovation for the Summer Experiences team.

A Legacy of Leadership

One of the most notable programs that he has worked on is supporting both Seattle Public Schools and Seattle University in developing an alternative high school. The school was located on a college campus for youth that had individualized needs and interests. The students needs could not be met by the comprehensive school system. The alternative school supported students in regaining credits and preparing for post-secondary education. Also, a major element of the school was Friday Adventure Based Leadership program. The program provided a diverse population of students the opportunity to engage in outdoor education, leadership, and much more.

Another notable program that DurYah has worked on was supporting Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Academies Foundation (SAF) in developing a week-long immersion. During the program students from their finance and hospitality & tourism programs from Seattle would visit New York. Students experienced business, entrepreneurship, and the culture of the New York community. Also, they would build skills for their programs in Seattle. Lastly, as part of that work, he helped students from Chief Sealth International High School in planning and managing a dinner auction event for community partners.

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